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Pine Hand-Wash Neem & Aloe Vera

99,00 रु० 90,00 रु०

Reference Pine

Brand : Pine

Neem & Aloe Vera Active Handwash for 100% Satisfaction

PINE Liquid Hand-Wash (Neem & Aloe-vera)
Item # 0230
Our Pine Liquid hand-wash is also one of our most 
popular sellers. Its fresh scent is clean yet light,
and the rose burst makes this the perfect for
your hand cleaning.
Net Volume: 500 ml, 300 ml.
Price: Rs. 155.00 INR for 500 ml &
Rs. 99.00 INR for 300 ml. in INDIA
$20.00 for 500 ml or 300 ml for $13.00 in USA.

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